01 Apr


Cassidy's Moving and Storage

New Moving Service – BikeMove™

We have huge news! In honour of International Cycling Day (April 19), we’ve decided to trade in all our big moving trucks for bicycles. So far the results have been mixed, but we know that in time we’re going to see a lot of our competitors following in our footsteps. This is unexplored territory, but we’re proud to be the thought leaders in moving innovation.

World Premiere Bicycle Moving Service

BikeMove™ is going to change everything. Let’s be honest, who ever thought of moving furniture and boxes on long distance cross country trips by bicycle? No one – until now. We at Cassidy’s know that bikes are the future, and we’re jumping into that future with both feet!

From 18 wheels to 2! Think of all the money we’ll save on tires!

To celebrate our big change, we’ve released the video below. Watch it for more info on how we’ll soon be moving all our customers by bike. We’re so excited, and we hope you are too.

An Eco-Friendly Way to Move

Not only are bicycles great for employee health and energy levels, we’ll be reducing our carbon footprint too. Our big, sturdy trucks may be reliable, but they do use a lot of fuel.

We feel good knowing that we’re doing our part for the environment. We hope you’ll join us, and be the first person on your block to use our all-new BikeMove™ service. And if you like it, hey, why not tell us!

To tell us what you think of the BikeMove™ initiative, tweet us with the hashtag #bikemove. We know you’ll have lots of interesting feedback, and we’re looking forward to reading all your comments!

One final note, as of today, we’ll be changing the address of our website from wemovetheworld.com to wemovethepedals.com. This, we feel, helps reflect the new direction we’ll be taking!

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