29 Oct


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Fun Moving Box Costumes for Halloween

Not sure what to do with your old moving boxes? With Halloween around the corner, why not create an awesome DIY Halloween costume out of moving boxes.

Sure, you can go with your overused Joker or Wonder Woman costume. But why use a recycled costume when you can make one out of recycled cardboard?

Now is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of all those used moving cardboard boxes instead of leaving them idle collecting dust. Here are some of the best moving box costumes to scare and surprise at any door.

1. Lego Pieces

Whether you’re playing or stepping on them, the whole family can connect with this one. 

2. Rubix Cube

For the complex desiring to construct a not-so complex costume. 

3. Presidental Bodyguard

Someone needs to guard all that candy, right? For those who want to include the little ones, this is a cute and creative costume that’s sure to give you a little extra candy.

4. Tetris Pieces

A fun group costume to get all your friends involved. A simple but creative costume to craft out of moving boxes.

5. X-Ray

Dress your future doctors in this adorable X-Ray costume.

6. Security Camera

Big brother is watching. 

7. Robot

A classic but always enjoyable costume. Designing a robot gives you creative freedom. Decide on how you’ll overtake humanity.

8. Emojis

Choose the emoji that you relate with the most. Another fun family moving box costume combination.

9. Google Maps

Partner up with someone who’s always winding up lost.

10. Stormtrooper

Only for those who’ve embraced the Dark Side of the Workforce.

Now it’s your turn!

This is just a sample of the hundreds of ideas you can find online. We would love to see your take on these sometimes spooky, sometimes hilarious costumes using boxes, so don’t forget to share your box costumes on our Facebook page. Have a safe and fun Halloween!

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