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What Is Considered Local Moving Vs. Long Distance Moving In Canada?

As you plan for a move, you’ll need to know whether it’s considered a local or long distance moving. Why? First, the type of move determines how costs are calculated. Equally important, it affects the type of preparation you’ll have to do — right down to what and how you pack.

Long Distance Moving

What Is Considered A Long Distance Move?

Cassidy’s categorizes a long distance move as one of 100 miles (161 kilometres) or more. This might entail moving across the province, across the country, or even internationally.


The cost of a long distance move is calculated on a “total weight times distance” basis (not including optional packing services). The heavier your possessions and the farther you’re moving, the higher the cost.

TIP: While you can’t shorten the distance of your move, you can reduce the weight. Decluttering before you pack is vital for a long distance move. Look at every item with a critical eye. Is it really worth paying to move that worn (though still usable) couch, say? Donating it, and buying new after your move, might turn out more cost-effective.

Moving To A New Province

When it comes to moving across Canada, each Canadian province is unique. When you move to a different province, you won’t have to get used to a new currency, but there are plenty of details you should know about in advance. Just a couple of examples: Every province has its own system for providing healthcare, and issuing driver’s licenses. Although you’re allowed a grace period, taking care of these issues ASAP makes excellent sense.

Long Distance Planning

When you’re moving far away, organization is key. You need a reliable moving company and a well-thought-out plan of action. Pack your belongings extra securely for the long trip and be aware that instead of a quick one-day affair, long distance moving may mean a wait of up to 2 weeks before your shipment is delivered to your door. Finally, consider what to do with your car. Will you sell it, ship it, or drive it to the new location?

Local Moving

What Is Considered A Local Move?

A local move is within your current city in Ontario, or within a 100-mile radius.

Local Moving Costs

Cost for a local move is calculated according to number of movers plus total number of hours. Just as with a long distance move, packing costs are extra.

Average Moving Costs for Typical Homes in 2021

Here’s how much local moves are likely to cost, on average, June through August:

  • 2-bedroom townhouse: Approx. $870-$1,015.
  • 2-bedroom apartment with elevator: Approx. $870-$1,160. (Excessive elevator wait times may increase the cost. Please pre-book the elevator.)
  • 3-bedroom house: approx. $1,600+.
  • 4-bedroom home: approx. $2,300+.

These are guidelines only. Your Cassidy’s moving consultant will provide a personalized estimate after assessing the number of your belongings, in person or virtually.

Moving To A New Neighbourhood

Even within a specific Canadian city, you’ll find a variety of neighbourhoods. Look for a community that is just that — a community with a friendly feeling and the right amenities. A few must-haves exist in Ottawa’s great neighbourhoods like Stittsville and Barrhaven: grocery stores, medical clinics, and recreation facilities, plus nearby schools if your family includes young children.

Local Moving Planning

  1. Take a whole-home inventory of all your belongings — from furniture to toys — so you’ll know exactly what you’re dealing with.
  2. Don’t underestimate the work involved. Even if you’re relocating to the next block, budget time to sort, pack, disassemble furniture, etc.
  3. Choose a trustworthy professional local moving company.
  4. Decide how much of the packing you want to do yourself. Then order the supplies you’ll need.
  5. Plan for the safety of your kids and pets on the big day. An off-premises sitter could be invaluable.
  6. Pack a moving day survival kit with essentials to make your first 24 hours in the new place easier.

Long Distance Or Local, Cassidy’s Is The Mover For You

Our experience with both local and long distance moving means we’re well prepared to make your move as simple and low-stress as possible. We’re trusted Ottawa to Toronto movers. Choose Ontario’s established trusted movers — Cassidy’s!