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How Can You Help Your Movers?

We get it, this is your stuff, your house, all your worldly possessions. We understand the desire to want to help with your move when that big Cassidy’s truck shows up on moving day. Ever wonder how to assist your movers without getting in their way? We’ve got answers. Follow these tips on how you can help your movers.

Should I Leave My Movers Alone?

The best thing you can do for any group of movers is to get out of the way and let them do their job. We understand you want to speed up the moving process by adding an extra set of hands. But in reality, its entirely possible that you’re just disrupting the flow of your movers.

Our staff have experience and excellent working chemistry that make moves smooth and stress-free. By adding someone with less experience and knowledge of the process, there can be more confusion than efficiency.

Now, this doesn’t mean you should leave while the move is happening. You should still be in the home to answer any questions or concerns. Besides, there are other ways to help your movers other than pitching in and hauling heavy boxes.

Does Everything Have To Be In Boxes For Movers?

No, some items will be heavier or won’t fit in moving boxes. Instead, try and pack similar things together that are practical in size and weight. 

We have put together a tonne of great tips and tricks on packing.

Once you’re finished packing, don’t forget to label all your boxes. Labelling makes a move go faster by communicating to your movers what’s in the boxes, giving them an indication of how to strategically pack the moving truck. 

Label all sides of your boxes, classifying each box by room and the condition of the contents inside. Make sure you communicate which items are fragile to secure their safety.

For larger appliances, follow this complete guide on how to pack your electronics and appliances.

For expensive items, pack those in the confines of your car. You want to keep the things you especially care about, like art or fine-china, in your possession to guarantee it makes it to your new location in perfect condition. 

In the end, getting started can sometimes be the most difficult so, check out our in-depth analysis on how to get started packing.

What To Do Before Movers Arrive?

Before your hired professional movers arrive, take stock of your space and consider these practical moving tips, which will make for a faster and efficient move.

Clear Hallways of Obstacles

Make sure all your hallways are clear of anything that can be a hazard for our movers. They’ll be carrying some heavy boxes and appliances, and the last thing anyone wants is an accident.

Unplug Electronics & Appliances

Unplugging all your electronics and appliances speeds up your move tremendously. Instead of having your movers reach around corners to grab plugs, they can lift and bring the appliances to the moving truck. Secure loose wires with tape, zip ties or string to ensure there is nothing that can get caught on passing door jambs or under feet.

Remove Everything From Walls

Takedown all pictures, paintings and shelves that are still hung up on the wall. Pack them according to their durability and size.

Defrost and Clean Your Freezer & Fridge

It’s important to defrost and wipe down your freezer and fridge. Doing so prevents puddles of water dripping in the moving truck. It can be a dirty process, but this will prevent damage to other moving boxes.

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Do You Feed Movers?

Moving is hard and strenuous work. Although we’re not asking you to provide a 5-course meal, it’s important to be hospitable. 

During the summer, any way to keep our movers cool makes for a happy move. The same goes for winter. Providing water, coffee, tea or hot cocoa will keep your movers hydrated and happy.

Let Cassidy’s Handle The Heavy Lifting

Hire a moving company that knows what they’re doing. Our team of movers work in sync to make every move seamless and efficient. Whether you’re moving short or long distance, Cassidy’s will make it happen.


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