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Hiring Professional Local Movers vs. Doing It Yourself

Are you planning a local move in Ottawa? If so, you might think it’s wise to cut costs by handling the move yourself. But a DIY move is not as cheap as it seems at first glance. Choosing professional movers like Cassidy’s outstanding team will save you stress, wear and tear on your belongings, and tons of time (a precious commodity in just about every transition to a new home!).

Here are 10 great reasons to add “get quotes from professional movers” to your moving checklist.

Why Shouldn’t You DIY Moving?

1. You Have More Stuff & More Responsibilities Now

Moving — like life in general — used to be a lot simpler when you were single. All you had to do was pile a few boxes, a futon, and your favourite houseplant into a car and off you’d go.

Now you’re blessed with a family, which probably means you own *real* furniture… and maybe a few oversized valuables like a home gym that needs to be handled with special care. Your move also involves more responsibilities, such as making sure your kids don’t go into meltdown on the big day. Better to hand off all that packing and hauling to professional movers.

2. Rental Truck Costs Add Up

You’re probably considering a DIY move to save on the cost of moving. Surprise! Surprise! Renting a truck might look cheap on the surface but all those extra charges add up fast. Let’s see; there’s:

Kilometres. Some truck rental places throw in a few kilometres for free, but after that, the meter starts running.

Fuel. Remember, a fully-loaded moving truck will take a LOT more gasoline than your compact car.

Insurance. Your auto insurance probably won’t cover driving a rented truck. Plus, many rental businesses have a mandatory protection plan.

Equipment. You’ll have to shell out extra to rent equipment like dollies, moving blankets, etc. Ka-ching!

Friends Aren’t Movers. Your pals are always willing to share life’s little ups and downs. That is unless they’re swamped at work or experiencing a last-minute childcare crisis on your moving day. Even if they show up, they just won’t take your move as seriously as professionals will. Plus, if you ask friends to help you move, you’ll be obligated to help THEM next time.

3. Heavy Lifting Can Be Harder Than You Think

Have you tried lifting one end of a 150-kilo couch lately? Whoa! Heavy lifting, when you’re not in top shape (like experienced movers are), can endanger your safety plus the safety of whatever you’re trying to lift. And strained backs or broken boxes can mean unexpected expenses. Think about replacement costs for your belongings or chiropractor bills for yourself.

4. DIY Moves Are A Lot More Time Consuming

There’s an art to packing a 16-foot (or larger) truck efficiently, an art that takes time. The whole process of DIY moving consumes a lot more time than going with the pros. For instance, you’ll need extra time to:

  • pick up the truck
  • disassemble and load your stuff
  • get used to driving a much larger vehicle than you’re accustomed to
  • unload your things and set up furniture
  • fill up the gas tank
  • return the truck
  • head back to your new home by bus or taxi (whew!)

Why You Should Hire Professional Movers

1. Experience & Efficiency

Have you ever watched experienced professional movers in action? Man, those guys GO. They know what they’re doing. They have the know-how and training to make your move as smooth as it can be.

2. Insurance

A reputable moving company takes care of the insurance on their trucks and their workers. (TIP: In case any of your goods are damaged or lost, movers’ standard liability covers only $1.30/kilo per item, so consider purchasing additional coverage for valuables.)

3. Full-Service Moving

Whether you need to move in a hurry or you just don’t want to deal with the headache, hiring professional movers lets you relax. An experienced crew will take care of every detail of your customized full-service moving package. You can count on luxuries like high-quality moving supplies, expert packing services, reliable transportation, and even short or long-term secure storage if it makes your life easier.

4. Industry Affiliated

The best movers have solid industry affiliations. You can check out their rating with the Better Business Bureau and accreditation with CAM (the Canadian Association of Movers). That will give you peace of mind, which is uber important at this busy time.

5. Trusted Local & Long Distance Movers

Cassidy’s is a trusted Ontario company that handles local and long-distance moves. We have over a century of professional moving experience to back up our reputation. We also have tons of satisfied customers… like Cindy-Lee C, who wrote us this 5-star Google review:

Thanks to Chris and Jarred for making the move for my son go smoothly. Very professional and handled everything with care. We will definitely be using your company when we move and referring you to friends and family. Thanks guys.

Don’t just guess at the cost of hiring movers vs doing it yourself. Contact us for your free estimate today!