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Our Favourite 2017 Moving Stories from the Road

We’ve travelled thousands of kilometres and moved hundreds of people in 2017. That makes for some pretty great stories. So we thought we’d share some of our memories from 2017.

We had a fantastic year, and we can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store.

olympics brianBrian Dinwoodie Wins Medal at Special Olympics

Ageless Olympian and long time Cassidy’s employee, Brian Dinwoodie, did it again.

Brian was a winner at the 2017 Special Olympics Ontario Provincial Summer Games.

You are an inspiration to us all Brian.

The Curious Case of Miss Pixie

Every summer there is some story that confirms that the moving business is like no other. This is that story.

Joel M. and Kyle S. picked up a small shipment going to Winnipeg. United Van Lines driver Emin C. took the shipment and set out on the open road.

Miss Pixie

It was about a day later that the customer called to say they couldn’t find their cat, and would we look around. They said that the cat, Miss Pixie, had a favourite spot in the couch, and it’s possible that’s where she was. Joel and Kyle were skeptical; they had shrink wrapped and padded the couch at the house, and hadn’t heard a sound, even when they were moving it.


After checking the warehouse with no luck, a dispatcher contacted Emin to stop and look for the cat in the couch. Sure enough, there she was!

Emin said that when he unpadded the couch, Miss Pixie was in the process of wiggling her way out. Miss Pixie was understandably upset but Emin is experienced with animals. He brought Miss Pixie into the cab and covered her to make her feel safe. When she was calm, he gave her food and water, and carried on to Winnipeg.

Miss Pixie had been in the couch for two days but didn’t seem to be any worse for the experience. In total, she spent three days on the road. While she was a good sport about the mixup in her travel arrangements, she was as happy as everyone else to arrive at her new home.

A Long, Long Road

Our driver Will D. went on quite the adventure in the early part of 2017. His first destination was British Columbia, but he was stopped at the Alberta/B.C. border due to avalanches!

The weather at the Coquihalla Summit in B.C.

It didn’t get much better. Will drove into one of the most extreme weather events in B.C. history, leading to several road closures. In fact, he spent 2 days waiting for the roads to open so he could continue his drive to the next destination: Washington.


This is hardly the beginning. Will went from BC to Washington, then back to B.C., then to California! You’d think a little sun would be good for the soul, but because of the California flooding, he trekked back to Ottawa through Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Oklahoma.

He made it back safe and sound, and had quite the adventure to kick off the year.

Batter Up

Next time you watch a Blue Jay’s game at the Rogers Centre, have a look at the dirt in the infield. That’s right; we delivered it.

The infield dirt is actually a special clay made in Great Meadows, NJ. Our driver Mitchell E. delivered enough of this clay to the Rogers Centre to last the whole season. He couldn’t resist standing on a skid so he could claim he stood on the Blue Jay’s home dirt, much to the amusement of the receiver.

Air Ambulance Takes Priority

Sometimes there are things on the road bigger than a transport truck. Our driver Ian F. was stopped in Northern Ontario while an air ambulance gave aid and transportation to a motorist involved in a collision.

Tis the Farming Season

Spring is the season for farmers to buy new equipment, which means spring is the season for Cassidy’s to deliver it!

Our driver Joe M. delivered a wide load to a beautiful farm on the shores of Lake Ontario near Picton, and grabbed a beautiful photo.

The Drive to Happy Valley and Goose Bay

Will D. had quite the 2017! Most drivers spend their entire careers without travelling the roads that he did.

The destination was Happy Valley/Goose Bay, and to get there you must drive on some of the most remote and beautiful roads on earth. You realize that you are on the road less travelled shortly after leaving the pretty Quebec town of Baie-Comeau, about 400 kms north of Quebec City.

Quickly signs of civilization disappear as you drive by the five Manic Dams in Northern Quebec and through what seems like an endless spruce forest. The twisting, hilly 600 km drive to Labrador City keeps you on your toes, particularly since you are regularly confronted with loggers.

The iron ore mining town of Labrador City has been around since the 1960s but it has never lost it’s frontier feel. Not far out of ‘Lab City’ the pavement ends and you are on the 1,300 km gravel Trans-Labrador Highway. The only stop along the way is Churchill Falls, home of the famous generating station.

It’s a trial of a trip, but Will got to do something most people never will, which we think is pretty cool!

Cassidy’s: The Chosen Mover for Animals Everywhere

Jim Schuiteboer shared some amusing stories of visitors he had this summer.

Firstly, there was a turtle waiting patiently at the door for them to open; he clearly had some questions about changing his living arrangements, perhaps moving into a larger shell. Two of our team members relocated him to a nice place down the street.

“We have had an influx of wildlife,” Jim says. “Deer, geese, skunk etc. are frequent. We’ve seen a fisher heading down the street and once there was a young black bear that ran literally past our front door across the lawn and into the bush!”

A TV Delivery for the Ages

Curtis McNaughton hauled the ULTIMATE television to the Rockcliffe Airport in Ottawa. The TV is a 29’ X 16.4’ LED, and was hydraulically lifted from the bed of the trailer to a height of 23’.

The TV was for the only Canadian stop on the Red Bull Global Rallycross. This race featured million dollar, 600 horsepower cars racing on pavement and dirt.

Golfing Around for the Paul Rushforth Real Estate Charity Tournament

paul-rushforth-charity-golf-2017One of the hottest invites of the summer in Ottawa is the Paul Rushforth Real Estate Charity Golf Tournament. This event brings together the area’s biggest names in business and government and annually raises about $50,000.00 for charity.

Cassidy’s is one of the proud sponsors of this event, as well as an eager participant! Our team had an absolute blast on the course, raising money for such a worthy cause.

The Paragolfer Initiative

Nick Jones(pictured), Steve Purdy, and Matt Farrell hit the course in Whitby at Lakeridge links this past summer so that Nick could try out a German made device called the Paragolfer. The Paragolfer is designed to allow people with mobility issues to hit the links.

Now Nick wants to fundraise for one closer to home so disabled golfers in the Ottawa area can use them.

Doing Our Part to Keep Everyone Refreshed

Cassidy’s is doing our part to make sure thirsty people are looked after. We picked up some high-tech canning equipment in Lincoln, Nebraska for the Square Timber Brewing Company. Keep an eye out for their finished product.


Hurricane Irma Brings New Meaning to Traffic

Jim B. documented the 3-lane-wide traffic jam on the I-75 North in Florida during the lead up to Hurricane Irma. Jim was able to get in and get out before the worst of it hit.

Reassembling the Mississippi Mills Library

Mississippi Mills has their library back thanks to Cassidy’s. While being renovated, the library was split into two locations. Our team members Hector, Drew, Matt and Chris brought it back together.

Backing it Up

A delivery to Pepsi (yes, that Pepsi) presented a new challenge to one of our drivers in downtown Peterborough. He not only had to back up to the loading dock, but he had to do it on his blindside under a bridge.

For anyone else, it would have been almost impossible, but not for a Cassidy’s driver. Pepsi got their delivery, and our driver got bragging rights.

Thanks for Letting Us Move You

As you can tell, it’s been quite the year! We love all the memories we made in 2017, and can’t wait for more in 2018. Thanks for choosing Cassidy’s as your moving partner.

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All photos were submitted by Cassidy’s team members.

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