We love Nepean. It’s a place with a rich heritage, and the depth of its roots show. It is named after Sir Evan Nepean, who, from his position in the British Government, played a major part in drawing Canada’s early provincial lines and defending its borders to the south in the 1780s.

The Township of Nepean was founded in 1792, and so is one of the region’s oldest. And while it has changed much since then, some things have remained remarkably similar. The roads upon which many Nepean dwellers use on a daily basis—Richmond, Baseline, and March—were all in use before 1833. In Nepean, it’s not hard to get the sense that you are walking on history.

By 1824, Nepean had become known as a pioneer town, a place for those who wanted to start a new life full of hope and hard work. As one of Nepean’s most trusted movers, we are fortunate to be able to add to that history, moving in newcomers as the population grows. Every time we move in a new family, we can see that same hope in their eyes.

We Move Nepean

Once upon a time in 1820, Nepean’s population was only 191 people, and was growing slowly. Now, Nepean is one of the fastest growing areas in Ontario. Its population grew by 19.4% from 2006 to 2011, and now sits at around 160,000 people.

That’s a pretty fast pace of growth, considering the rest of Ontario grew at an average of about 5.7% over the same period.

To keep up with that fast growth, Cassidy’s offers plenty of services to those who are looking to move to, or even from, Nepean. Here is just a sampling.

Local and Long Distance Moving

Cassidy’s operates all over the Ottawa Valley, across Canada and around the world. No matter how near or far you’re moving, you can rely on us to get you there safely. Besides the excellent price, using Cassidy’s for your short distance move means you’re getting a local company with local knowledge.

In fact, our biggest location is in west Ottawa, very close to Nepean.

If you’re moving to or from a little further away, you can still use Cassidy’s excellent services. We offer long distance moving across Canada, the United States and overseas through our partnership with United Van Lines. Wherever you’re going, Cassidy’s can help make the move simple.

Self Storage and More

If you’re looking for a place to store something for a short time, or if you’re looking to make a little more space in your home, Cassidy’s is a great choice. We offer climate controlled, indoor storage conveniently located in west Ottawa. Your belongings will be safely locked in one of our many plywood vaults and kept at a constant temperature to avoid warping or freezing.

We also provide storage containers to help you with your move. If you want to get your packing done at your own pace, we’ll drop off a storage container for you to fill. Once you’re done, we can pick it up and move it where it needs to go.

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Nepean: A Great Place for Families

With its parks, sporting venues and entertainment, Nepean is an excellent place for a growing family. During its long history, Nepean has developed a sense of culture that runs deep. It is a place where people rally together to do something great for their community.

And with its quick access to downtown via the 417, it’s convenient for those who work in the core.

Nepean’s Exceptional Parks

Andrew Haydon ParkNature is easy to come by in Nepean. The area borders the Ottawa River, the Rideau River, and the National Capital Greenbelt, so there are plenty of chances to enjoy some wilderness.

The area is also home to plenty of magnificent parks which play host to plenty of fun activities for children and adults alike. Andrew Haydon Park is great getaway for an afternoon picnic. It features picturesque, designed ponds, a full playground and a splash pad, and is the perfect place to watch sailboats on the Ottawa River. Local photography buffs are often delighted with the opportunities to take pictures of the wild herons that can often be found hunting in the river. And, if you’re a fan of music, be sure to stop by one of the Nepean Concert Band’s free concerts in the park.

Nepean Concert Band

Another great option for an afternoon outing is Centrepointe Park, located right next to Centrepointe Theatre and the Centrepointe branch of the Ottawa Library. It offers a rink in the wintertime and a splash pad in the summer. It also features a large constructed lake, which offers more great opportunities for spotting wildlife.

Great Options for the Sports Enthusiast

If you or anyone in your family is the sporting type, Nepean has some excellent options. First and foremost is the Nepean Sportsplex. Built in 1973, the Sportsplex houses a full sized hockey rink, curling arena, olympic-sized swimming pool, basketball courts, squash courts, and features trails for hiking and cross country skiing. It’s the perfect place for anyone who loves to compete, or just to challenge themselves.

Nepean is perfect for anyone who loves to bike. In fact, directly behind the Sportsplex lies six kilometres of forest bike paths known as the Pinhey Forest Trails. If you’re looking to take a tour of the region, there are plenty of bike trail options, and most trails link up to the city-wide National Capital Commission bike trails, allowing cyclists to move freely throughout the city.

If you like horses, there’s Wesley Clover Parks, where you can learn to ride and even compete in equestrian tournaments. If you’re a fan of sailing, you’ll be right at home at the Nepean Sailing Club, whether you like to participate in or just to watch boat races.


There’s always something entertaining happening in Nepean. A perfect example is Centrepointe Theatre, which features music, comedy, plays and other attractions.

For more screen-oriented entertainment, check out Cineplex Cinemas Ottawa, a great place to see all the newest films. There, you’ll find 12 cinemas, a full arcade, and places to buy refreshments.

Speaking of arcades, one of Ottawa’s biggest arcades, Funhaven, is located right in the middle of Nepean. Funhaven’s attractions feature a huge number of video and carnival-style games, rock climbing, laser tag, and much more. It’s truly quite hard to be bored in Nepean!

We’re Your Nepean Movers

If we’ve convinced you that Nepean is a great place to live, you’ll be looking for a mover to help get you there. Cassidy’s is that mover. With over 100 years of experience, professional movers, and local know-how, Cassidy’s will get you there safe and sound.

Nepean is a fascinating place, full of history and culture. Let us be your guide to exploring it!

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