South March Highlands in KanataDid you know that the name “Kanata” comes from native Huron-Iroquois dialects and means “meeting place”? To us, the word evokes the community spirit that Kanata has become known for. It’s a spirit that exists in the homes and public spaces of this friendly place.

As one of Kanata’s most trusted movers, we help to create these meeting places. We get to play a role in helping newcomers to Kanata get settled in their new homes, by moving the furniture and belongings that will turn these houses into the community gathering spots that they will become. As far as we’re concerned, moving to Kanata is a decision you’ll never regret!

Why Kanata is a Great Place to Call Home

Kanata is a diverse community with plenty to see and do. It consists of twelve neighbourhoods, all of which have their own unique flavour. From the restaurants and parks of Glen Cairn to the arts and culture of Kanata Lakes, the community has much to offer.

It is that community spirit that has become such a staple of Kanta that keeps us coming back. Its community events and celebrations are what helps to bring everyone together.


Kanata TheatreThere’s plenty in the way of entertainment in Kanata. It is home to one of Ottawa’s biggest movie theatres, the Landmark Theatres 24. The theatre is located in Citywalk Centrum, which boasts many excellent restaurants. Dinner and movie, anyone?

For live entertainment for the whole family, it’s hard to go wrong with Kanata Theatre, where you can see plays performed by local actresses and actors. The playhouse, which is located on the west side of Kanata, seats a total of 350 people.

And if you’re more interested in music, why not check out The Kanata Symphony Orchestra? They’ve been operating for over 26 years, delivering diverse and beautiful music to Kanata’s residents all the while.


Kanata is slowly becoming a great place for destination shopping. With the opening of the Tanger Outlets in 2014, residents have had access to designer fashions from names like Eddie Bauer, Polo, Guess and Merrell. The mall also sports a food court and a children’s play area, making it perfect for a day outing.

Kanata also hosts the Hazeldean Mall and the aforementioned Citywalk Centrum, which features such shops as Best Buy and Pier 1 Outlets.


Kanata Wave PoolKanata offers plenty of ways to keep the kids active. One of the bigger attractions in the community is the Kanata Wave Pool. Your whole family will have a blast in the wave pool, riding its monstrous waves. The pool also boasts an enormous two-story water slide.

If you’re more interested in the outdoors, Kanata is a great place to be. As well as its numerous public parks, Kanata also features the South March Highlands, which features magnificent walking and biking trails. For more outdoor walking, check out the Ottawa Greenbelt, which borders Kanata on its easternmost side and has plenty of trails that provide walking opportunities for hikers of any age and skill.

Flexible Services for Moving to Kanata

Kanata is a young community. The place that is now occupied by Kanata was originally known as March, a farming community settled in the early 1800s. Modern Kanata was created in 1978 as the population grew. We’ve been moving people in the Ottawa Valley since 1908, so we’ve been there from Kanata’s very beginnings. We can tell you first hand that it has grown enormously since then, from a population of just over 7,000 to one of around 100,000.

It’s a large community with a breadth of needs, and we’ve expanded our services to provide Kanata with all the moving and storage it requires. Here is a sampling of what we offer Kanata:

Local Moves

We’ve got bases located across the length of the Ottawa Valley. Chances are, if you’re moving a short distance, we have you covered. Our biggest location is located in Ottawa’s west end, a mere stone’s throw from Kanata.

Because we’re located nearby, we can offer you a more efficient, affordable service. We offer the best value in moving in the Ottawa valley, and we do it by focusing our services on local families.

Long Distance Moves

We focus locally, but we don’t sacrifice services for those who’d like to move further. We offer long distance and international moving through our partnership with United Van Lines.

If you’re moving to the United States, we’re there for you. We’ll walk you through the process and make sure that you have everything you need to make the journey a success.

Packing and Storage

Want a little help with the packing? Our expert packers can handle it all, or as much as you’d like. Do you have some fragile items that need extra attention? Let us know.

Or, if you’d like to do it all yourself, we can provide the boxes and supplies. We’re also able to provide storage containers if you’d like to pack at your own pace.

Your Kanata Mover

We’re huge fans of Kanata. Whether we’re looking for a place to shop or simply a place to relax, it offers plenty of options. It’s a place we always feel welcome. It is truly, as the name suggests, a meeting place. It’s a place for people to come together, to enjoy good food, good entertainment, and exceptional company.

Contact us to arrange your next move and we’ll give you the same great service we’ve provided for over one hundred years.

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